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Fund Raising Program

Our simple program is easy to manage.

1. We’ll send you the necessary order forms at no charge.
2. You collect all the orders and the money.
3. You send us one combined order and one payment.
4. We fill the order and send it to your chosen location for distribution.
5. We send you back one check made out to your organization.

Earn $10 per candle and melter brick, and $3 for every tile.

Because we are the manufacturer, we can give the maximum amount back to your organization.

Our highly fragranced candles are unique and long-lasting.

There are dozens of products available out there for fundraisers, some of which have become stale and boring. Be it wrapping paper, chocolate bars or coupon books, people are looking for something different that their money can buy.

Your customer will be able to enjoy our products for weeks and even months, and they will be thinking of you as they do.


“Salt City Candles were the best fundraiser we have ever done!”
-Alysia Merrill

“It was amazing that we earned so much money so easily!”
-Morgan Child

Call Us

For more information on how to start your next successful fundraiser,
feel free to call 1-877-282-4884.
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